Aesthetics of abandonment, Mediation residency "Writings of Light 2016-2017"

Aesthetics of abandonment
Mediation residency
"Writings of Light 2016-2017"
Artist: Jean Hincker
Photographic exhibition produced by the 24 students of the Terminale Bac Pro GMNF class (Management of Natural Environments and Wildlife)
from the Lycée Professionnel Agricole et Forestier Roger Duroure de Sabers, in February-March 2017.

The theme chosen for this artistic project is the photography of a few abandoned places located in the departments of Landes and Gironde.
Eleven sites were visited:
Landes: Capbreton (Blockhouse, Savane beach and Piste beach), Labenne (petrol station), Mont-de-Marsan (recycling center), Luxey (village and resin shack), Saubrigues, Sabers (village and dovecote), Saint-Perdon (large commercial area), Saint-Yaguen, Bénesse-Maremne
Gironde: Le Barp, La Tresne

The exploration of places built by humans and then abandoned has been a photographic genre in its own right for several years and has attracted many enthusiasts of the still image.
This practice, which we call urban exploration (or Urbex, from Urban Urban) consists in immortalizing dilapidated buildings or ruins, often forgotten but still present in our urban or rural landscapes. After reading images from the great masters of photography, I asked our amateur photographers to take a personal look at these sacrificed and neglected places that one sees without looking. They tried through this exhibition to isolate and transmit the unusual beauty of these sinking places.
We then used digital editing to finalize and improve the shots without distorting or making up the original images.
Finally the high quality prints were made on plexiglass by a professional laboratory.
Jean Hincker