… “Within the framework of sociocultural education and the communication, an artistic project was set up at the Agricultural college Victor Serres of Oeyreluy (Dax) on the initiative of Alain Godot, assisted of Stéphanie Layan.
The goal was to sensitize the students with photography in outside as in interior. The choice was made on a photo report devoted to the local sport news with the rise in Signal 14 of US Dax. Jean Hincker, professional photograph took part in this choice: under its crook and the framing of the teachers, eighteen students, including fourteen apprentices and four trainees, learned how to apprehend the image by carrying out catches of sight on the ground in the stage Yves-of-Manor in Dax, then in room of musculation.
Always under the councils of Jean Hincker, all the numerical stereotypes were worked on a software within the College.
An exposure was assembled and was presented in several places of the department of the Moors (Media library of Pontonx, Agricultural college…) ”…

Isabelle Chambon (South-western Newspaper), 11/27/2007