A tribute to Diane Arbus.

I wanted in this series to show the timelessness of the rural life. The hidden beauty
- kitch or baroque - life which is repeated, of the moment in perpetual restarting…
And the inhabitants of the village of Goos lent themselves to the play with all this dignity which one finds in the countryside. The exposure which results from this residence of artist aims to testify to a rural life little represented and yet very rich as regards social life. My work consisted in immersing me in the daily newspaper of people of the village, all confused mediums, and withdrawing strong images from them through portraits carried out on their premises or in their close environment. The choice, random, was made on about fifty inhabitants of the Commune of Goos.
Without seeking a rigorous representativeness, I tried to evoke all the social layers like all the age brackets…
Portraits approximately plane alternate with more widened scenes fascinating of account spaces of life. Indeed, moving away me from the traditional report - I made pose all my models and I organized the photo meetings - this work fits more in the contemporary documentary kind.
What founds the nature of Photography, it is the installation, said Roland Barthes.
All the catches of sight were carried out with the written agreement of the selected models.

Jean Hincker, 2009