Martinique, the beautiful plant

Travel memories
We do not leave the island of Martinique unscathed. Especially for the man of images that I am. We leave "the island of flowers", or "the green island" according to the owner of the Jardin de Balata or even "the island of trees" according to Aimé Césaire, paintings, photos, drawings and dreams full head. I didn't want to come home with nothing.
I tried to appropriate these splendours for myself for a few shots. I wanted to satisfy my thirst for beautiful images and at the same time pay homage to this wonderful land. Favoring flora, a few snapshots of the city and its inhabitants punctuate this plant gallery.
This is the spirit of Martinique, rather its state of mind, told through clichés stolen here and there. A non-exhaustive vision of the photographer whose mission is to observe, capture and show big and small things. And he feels tiny in this maze of visual spells, perhaps mirages and hallucinatory disorders ...
How to account for such rich vegetation in a few photographic paintings without succumbing to the bewitchment that such landscapes provide, and while keeping a cool head. You have to know how to remain humble, as the climate and the atmosphere of the island of Martinique can lead your gaze into dazzling evocations worthy of Hollywood cinema.
The photographer's job here is to blend into the environment while keeping a distance from his models, whether human or plant. Nature does not belong to him and it falls to him a simple task: that of accompanying or guiding the traveler ...
Jean Hincker