Like a little sea…
Lake Hossegor is an atmosphere. It is a space that seduces visitors with a sort of borrowed grace. The place is misleading. Its charm works when you don't expect it.
   It was only after many laps around the lake - I often live in Capbreton, adjoining town - that a special atmosphere was revealed to me. The lake and the man of images have merged.
   The marine lake, with its hundred hectares, gives us all its advantages. There is life in the water and on the shores. Birds, fish, oysters, bird watchers, fishermen, oyster farmers but also sportsmen, tourists and of course contemplatives…
   The landscapes are renewed thanks to the tides and the lake is moving. Behind the mimosas, pines, cork oaks and arbutus trees of delicate and arrogant villas hide and watch the place…
   Walkers follow one another, walking and running practitioners train and bathing activities are in full swing when the summer season arrives. The oyster workers move discreetly in the background.
   Lake Hossegor is a place where we move but also where we meditate, we reflect, we contemplate. Like a small inland sea, the marine lake has its own appeal, unlike conventional freshwater supplies. Life is punctuated by the tides and the seasons.
   Today, Lake Hossegor, far beyond the standard it has been given, has been man-made to receive visitors looking for peaceful sensations.
   The Lake is so inseparable from the town that shelters it that it gave it part of its name (Soorts-Hossegor). And it became my lake. Jean Hincker