Photo residence- Escource
A tribute in pictures.
Anticipating the commemoration of the centenary of the death of the Landes photographer and ethnologist Félix Arnaudin, who died in 1921, it was decided by the DAAC (Academic Delegation for Artistic and Cultural Education of the Rectorate) a tribute to it through three residences artistic. I was entrusted with the one dealing with the field of photography. A responsibility certainly not trivial in view of the importance of this essential personality of humanist photography.
Three classes (5 pupils of CE2, 8 of CM1 and 11 of CM2) of Escole school totaling 24 pupils took part in this visual adventure.
With Gaëtan Coloby, school teacher in charge of these classes, we decided to focus the intervention on the village of Escource with its inhabitants, its school and its students ...
The main discipline chosen was portraiture. Children learned to look and to look at themselves through the media of photography in all its current forms (Professional equipment, amateur, mobile phone, digital tablet). After reading an image of the great masters of photography - among whom Félix Arnaudin - they set off to discover the other and their environment, anxious to bring the essentials of what came into the framework of the camera. 'they saw.
They quickly understood what this small still image could be used for by making it speak in their own way, becoming a language in its own right. They realized the importance of framing, light but also of the model through its posture, its clothes, its expressions. Finally, like professional photographers, they have managed to establish a relationship of trust with their model, a prerequisite for a successful photo session ...
Then came the time of the digital laboratory - or post-production as the "pros" say. The students were greedily introduced to digital retouching and we discovered the basics of the basic processing reserved for the images they had produced.
The most astonishing was their involvement in this project, which they followed with relaxed rigor, a kind of quiet force to "stick" to the genre of the humanist portrait, which also characterizes the work of Félix Arnaudin ...
Having the prerogative of the composition of the exhibition, for the choice of images presented, I privileged the gaze of budding photographers focused on their village and their school and neglected the technical imperatives.
This challenge was a great success for me and I warmly thank all the protagonists, in particular all the students and their teacher who immersed themselves without restraint in this wonderful residence.
Jean Hincker