Expo Souvenirs 2019

According to the meetings and testimonies of the elders of the ICAS of MACS, the EHPAD of Capbreton (Our Lady of the Apostles and The Green Ray) and Saint Vincent de Tyrosse (The Chênaie). This exhibition is the result of a project carried by the culture department of MACS in partnership with the cities of Capbreton and Saint Vincent de Tyrosse.

Photographing humans is always a challenge for a photographer. But immortalizing through a fixed image a long life course is a challenge. Indeed, this project "Souvenirs" was initially conceived with supports like a theatrical representation and sound testimonies from collections of words.
It was decided to add images and the photograph got involved. The photographer is by definition intrusive. So I had to stay as discreet and clear as possible during the photo sessions and try to capture in these places of life that are the Ehpad the personality of senior residents.
In poses or on the spot, the models lent themselves to the game without complex and without embarrassment and allowed me to watch them, to photograph them.
I wanted, in these images, to translate by looks and postures the humanity that emerges from those people who have lived so much and who often remain humble and silent. I used black and white thinking about getting to the point.
It is one of the roles of humanistic photography to reveal presence and experience in often marginalized people.
Finally I must thank all the models and actors of this project, beautiful and useful.
Jean Hincker