Genre scenes vintage 1974-1995

"There is no chance, there are only appointments" said the poet Paul Éluard precisely, No staging in these images, just the occasional contest that I let patiently take shape and that I capture. In search of traces of humanity, scenes of the daily life of the human and animal race ... in short, existence.
The desire to look at and keep old images, some of which were made 43 years ago, gives the author a variety of impressions that are introspective and at the same time distant. Like wine, some age happily and others leave a taste of unfinished.
It is in any case an exciting reading of images for the author that measures the degree of spontaneity and the uninhibited attitude of the beginning photographer that he was at the time.
Jean Hincker, 2017

"In its very essence, humanistic photography is the champion of inspiration and altruism, of those who make us charitable to be sensible, just, comforting and sincere, which can only be compared to piety.
If photography were a machine traveling in time, moving between parallel universes, what wonders could we imagine realization? Back, forward, forward, backward - painful and numerous experiences, nothing is lost forever. The daily life of people, their urban landscapes, their inspirations, from Paris to Barcelona, ​​from Venice to Bastia, from Biarritz to Chefchaouen, and Luxor. This world serves Hincker's blank canvas, splashed with visions full of color, style, and experience; faces and traditions; flavors and scents; and convictions. Humanity is alive and well.

MANUEL RIVERA-ORTIZ, documentary photographer. Author of "India: A Celebration of Life." Ed. Kehrer Verlag). President and founder of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Photography and Documentary Films