Rion of Landes, Beau bourg
This photographic exhibition(exposure) is the fruit of a collective work implying(involving) eight amateurish photographers living in Rion of Landes(Moors). This workshop(studio), piloted by Jean Hincker, photographer professional and organized by the association Blue Workshop(Studio) of Rion-des-Landes took place during March 2016.
The workshop(studio) took place in three phases.
After a reading of image and an education in the fixed image through a projection of clichés(pictures) of big photographers, we began(affected) the phase of shots around a subject: the village of Rion of Landes(Moors). Then came the moment of the post-production in other words from the digital alteration(retouch).
In front of the quality of the look of each of the photographers, we decided to finalize this project by an exhibition(exposure). The definitive choice of photos stayed Jean Hincker's privilege. All the participants were represented.
The photographers roamed through the city, attentive to the atmosphere of moment (rain, streets deserts, clouds) and alternated the plans (general plan, of set(group), moved closer). They used a light in halftone, diffuse and soft engendered by an alternation of sun and clouds. They favored an American-style atmosphere (desert landscapes, ghost town, facades). Human being, little present in the exhibition(exposure), is hidden rest …
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