Bardenas Reales Navarre, Spain, First desert of Europe

Bardenas Reales concern and delight The desert of Bardenas Reales, strong subdesert zone of its 42 000 hectares and indicated Natural reserve, establishes the first European desert.
These landscapes of a big diversity - Steppes, plains, reliefs, zones virgins, agricultural crops, pine forests - testify of numerous and exotic ecosystems.
This vast territory in the semi-arid climate (dry or wet according to the seasons) which brings this particular visual contrast, was declared Reserve of Biosphere by Unesco.
By this exhibition, I tried to translate atmospheres and atmospheres which invade the walker lost in a universe of solitude, isolation, almost abandonment, often taken by an omnipresent and violent wind.
I adopted for this realization a photographic approach introspective avoiding the saturated colors by trying to translate a mood and by sticking as closely as possible to the reality.
Indeed the sensations which invaded me during this hike(ride) excited feelings being(being a matter) of the delight but especially the concern. The time(period) of shots - except(off) season was certainly for something there. I could spend then several hours without meeting living soul … There were just some human tracks.
The lively colors of the rock did not reflect my state of mind and I began to see in black and white, otherwise in halftone.
He(It) was more important for me to translate the big spaces with all the unlimitedness of an abandoned universe - or almost - by the man. I left the geology in the background …
These photos do not claim to join the kind(genre) report but rather in a vision of the author through shots realized exclusively in mode(fashion) landscape ( horizontal size(format)).
Jean Hincker, 2015

" Jean Hincker's striking photos show us a real desert incredibly close to us. Earth of the origins. Matrix of all the companies(societies) which crossed(met) there. A little as if the Moors who colonized this region of Spain for 800 years had left with us their business(calling) card ".
Philippe Frey doctor in Ethnology, adventurer, specialist of the deserts which he almost all crossed