" I am sensitive in this " ordinary Brittany " - it is the compliment - that photographs Jean Hincker, far from the facile effects of the sea under heavens summer which seem very sad, farther still reducing clichés(pictures) of a Brittany reduced to a junk decoration(set).
By what is characterized this Brittany low-season? Doubtless by a less fervent rhythm, a lesser agitation, a less superficial existence. For the benefit of an a little slower life maybe, graver in any case, of a greater density certainly.
More difficult to seize that the charms of the summer, far more formidable to arrest(dread), are the atmospheres of the everyday life(daily paper) such as know him(it) the people who live, " there in the year ", and who will find in the photos which follow, a state of mind, Landscapes, which their are familiar.
It is to say if Jean Hincker's merit is big, to have known how to faithfully get the atmosphere which reigns over the Breton coast, the state of mind, the gasoline(essence) simply, the life in the departments of south Brittany low-season.
Jean-Luc Le Cleac'h, Writer