Until June 23rd, 2013, the intermunicipal media library welcomes the exhibition(exposure) " People middle school ". Within the framework of an interdisciplinary project allying art history, computing and plastic arts, the pupils of the classes of 4th of the middle school Course of Gascony will expose(explain) 27 portraits realized under the direction of the photographer Jean Hincker.
" The idea was to share the approach(initiative) of an alive artist and to lead the project in its entirety ", declares Patricia Lafargue, professor of plastic arts. To change status, to be alternately photographers or models, the teenagers (and even the adults) participated enthusiastically by chance creative.
The varnishing(private viewing) of the exhibition(exposure) will take place, at 7 pm, to the media library, in the presence of the creators and the diverse partners of the operation today.