COLLEGES Of TODAY: “The TIME OF MIDDAY” photographic Project initiate by the General advice of the Young people and conduit by Jean Hincker near the pupils of seven colleges of the department of the Landes, France

The image of the schoolboy
Which test that of advising, directing then to sort, at the request of the General advice of the Young people of the department of the Landes, the photographic work of seven colleges. I.e. to choose - in tearing and frustration - thirty-five tests among 13.124 images carried out by pupils of classes of sixth, fifth, fourth and third. It is the batch of numeric photography where the quantity remains possible, often with the detriment of quality…
But our pupils, high in a culture of the représention and image, have to show us much. They include/understand the capacity of photography quickly, of the still image. The work of the speaker consists in slowing down their visual bulimia, framing their photographic heats and explaining to them why a photograph holds some to be able. An image can reverse a political system, destroy the reputation of an human being, stop a war or join together funds for a cause…
Our schoolboys chose, them, to testify to their respective schools through a series of stereotypes showing the human one primarily. Using mainly the portrait as photographic kind, they show us with the distance and the rigor from the professional photograph the moments of freedom and slackening devoted by the cut of the semi-day (“the time of midday”). They sauntered through the mazes of the seven colleges of Mount-of-Marsan, Roquefort, Gabarret, Saint- Pierre of the Mount and Villeneuve, armed with their cameras during five approximately one hour meetings per college. They thus immortalisé their comrades in their environment during the time of restoration which is declined in two periods: the time of canteen and entertaining time.
And they knew to collect in images these moments of entertainment but also of doubt and interrogation which the young pupils can feel during these moments of relaxation.
The young photographers make us discover, through their glance, the statute and the condition of the schoolboy. These years of transition between the childhood and the life from adult which can be determining.
I hope that the actors of this adventure will henceforth apprehend the image with the sensitivity of the artist who sommeille in them…

Jean Hincker

The General advice of the Young people is the fruit of an action initiated by the General advice of the Moors, in collaboration with the association of Francas of the Moors which ensures animation of it.
He constitutes a dialog space between the elected officials of the Department and the schoolboys, while making it possible the latter to conceive and implement projects with the whole of their pars, by supporting their catch of responsibility through the training for the citizenship and in the apprehension for the institutions and the stakes for public service.
The project carried in 2009-2011 by the Commission “Culture and inheritance” is carried out by the young elected officials in direct link with Jean HINCKER.
In the prolongation of in particular archivistic research on the “college of yesterday and today”, an important work citizen and artistic was carried out and is concretized by a road show of photographs gathering the stereotypes carried out by the participants.
These “photographs” are formidable testimonys of life time of the pupils and their establishments; they reveal with discretion and decency the moments lived by the schoolboys during the meridian pause.
I delighted that this work constitutes a strong testimony of this beautiful experiment.

Henri Emmanuelli, President of the General advice of the Moors