Village People, Hastingues. Portraits of inhabitants of the village of Hastingues, Moors, France

The photographer persists and signs. Jean Hincker renews his step through a third edition of his series Village People, this time in the beautiful commune of Hastingues. With its portraits of' inhabitants it returns to essence. Without ornaments nor stylistic effects it presents being on their premises to us human met. Its work concerns as much the ethnology as of photography. Moreover the two disciplines often approached. Indeed the photographer, like the ethnologist, puts the question: how to tell the other without falling into voyeurism, imposing themselves? The meeting between the model and the photographer should not lead to a confrontation and can even encourage a certain empathy. And in Hastingues, village of peace and culture, the man of image did not need particular reinforcement: the reception was quite present and the inhabitants played the game with a rare enthusiasm.